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Mobile Solutions

Account Registration

Successfully selling the Mobile Solutions Product line requires a dedicated and consistent sales effort.  Projects can start small and sometimes require a long sales cycle to properly develop.  The goal of the account registration program is to adequately support and reward the sales efforts of those partners that are creating opportunities and actions which lead to sales.
Registration Process

1. Account Registrations should be submitted using the Registration form here:


2. The reseller will receive written confirmation of the acceptance of the deal registration back from an Elliott Representative, or communication declining the registration.

  • Joint Call with a Mobile Solutions Sales Representative, Review of a Bid Opportunity, or Shared communication about the project details.

  • Account Information such as account name, primary contact, deal size and description, time frame and potential funding sources.

*Registration may be revoked based on a reseller neglecting an account, introducing a competitive product into an account, or misrepresenting the Mobile Solutions product line. No valid registrations will be revoked without a conversation and written follow up.
  • Full and Exclusive support of any sales support or demo support needs

  • Exclusivity on any preferential deal pricing

  • Official Backing in the Project as the approved reseller

  • Exclusive support for any customization needed

The program is designed to register an account, not just a deal, for a minimum of 6 months.
*Account Registration does not preclude another reseller from pursuing the project.

Account Registrations may be renewed for 6 months periods by the Mobile Solutions Sales Manager.  Based on project updates and continued collaboration on the project.  Renewal is at the discretion of the Mobile Solutions Sales Manager or other Elliott Management.


Any leads developed by Elliott Data will be distributed based on the following criteria:


  1. Existing Registration or Customer Relationships

  2. Primary Market Coverage (partner with a sales/support presence closest to the opportunity)

  3. Ability of the reseller to adequately sell, service and support the opportunity.

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