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EPIC Track 5 Key Questions

EPIC Track provides creative freedom. It allows the sales rep to uncover the customers challenge and provide a dynamic solution to directly meet their needs for accountability. But that same creative freedom can also cause challenges for many sales reps in that there isn’t always a defined customer and solution.

EPIC Track can be utilized in a number of verticals that we are already selling successfully into. The secret to selling more EPIC Track is asking your customer 5 Key Questions during your standard ID sales process. In doing so, you will open the door to meeting additional needs for your customer and the value add of EPIC Track.

Five Key Questions to Ask Every Customer

1. Do you need to know where your ID holders are or have been?

2. How do you check things out?

3. What do you use the barcodes or machine readable technology on your card for?

4. Do you ever need to know if your ID holders are current or still

active in the system?

5. How do you keep track of… (The key to this question is to think about the vertical you are talking to. For instance, when working with a school you may want to ask “how do you keep track of classroom attendance” or “how do you keep track of continuing education credits for your faculty”)

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