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What's on My Mind....Sign in Sheets & Cave Men

The ubiquitous sign in sheet seem to be the all too common form of taking attendance. First invented 65 million years ago as a way to keep track of who entered the cave for a rock throwing contest, the sign in sheet has not changed much. You write in your name, date, and time and someone else then has to interpret your scribbles and get your information along with the date and time into some type of usable format.

While the cave man did not have cell phones, tablets, and the barcode scanners your customers do. Why not automate the ancient sign in sheet for better accuracy, real time data, and simply to save time and money. The next time you see a sign in sheet, ask why they use it? Is it valuable enough to know who is in attendance to spend a few dollars to automate it? Epic Track is the answer. A couple questions could be the beginning of adding 30-40% on to your deal.

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